CeLL, by Miles van Dorssen and Nick Wishart, is an industrial strength music box installation using the acoustic boom of a 6m shipping container to house a self-generating symphony that converts digital data into spontaneous rhythmic sequences.

The often raucous cacophony emits from the open doors and shakes your bones. CeLL also has unexpected shifts and clashes of tempo so it appears to be pulsing with its own personality.

Cell has horns, hammers, gongs, bells, strings and xylophones, all controlled by a factory automation system. Cell reads specially formatted MIDI files, and converts them to instructions for the machines that play the instruments.



There are several options open to musicians who wish to contribute music for CeLL. Firstly, music can be specifically composed for CeLL and uploaded as a MIDI file using the upload link below. Compositions uploaded will automatically be routed to CeLL to be played. If CeLL is not on exhibition at the time of sending, then compositions will simply be stored for playing at such a time when the installation is active in the public sphere.

Information on exactly how to write music for CeLL is available here on this page. Another way to contribute is to make an arrangement of an existing composition that you have written, performed or made extremely famous. The guidelines on this page will assist in reworking your tunes for CeLL, and contributions should be uploaded as a MIDI file using this link.