The Parkfield Interventional EQ Fieldwork (PIEQF) is a site-specific machine installation for the township of Parkfield, Central California by installation-based performance artist-engineer D.V. Rogers. Located approximately 190 miles from San Francisco and 210 miles from Los Angeles, this field example of earthquake art converges a USGS reported Californian earthquake list with the near real time control of an earthquake simulator placed on site in Parkfield.

This machine-controlled earthwork is a feedback loop between the seismicity of California and the conceptual interpretation of these reported Californian seismic events by means of the earthquake simulator and a formation of high tensile steel rods. 110 lengths of 1/2 inch tensile steel bar at up to 12.0m in length will be fixed to the earthquake simulator. These steel rods will oscillate in synchronous motion and chaotic grandeur each time a Californian earthquake is reported.