About Artsabout

Artsabout is dedicated to excellence in the arts. We can offer the services of a talented team of international artists and musicians to support the original and innovative creation of art.

Artsabout has over 10 years arts project management and project administration experience to support your artistic and creative projects. We can auspice projects on behalf of established and emerging artists or groups applying for local, state or federal funding and philanthropic funding.

We can provide a day-to-day financial management role, monitor expenses and income, manage wages and superannuation, insurance and provide regular updates and look after all payments for your project, both incoming and outgoing.

If you would like to receive further information on Artsabout’s auspicing services and the process please contact us via email artsaboutpl(at)gmail.com

Donate to Artsabout

Artsabout is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation so donations are fully tax deductible making it the perfect fundraising tool for your next artistic project.