Nick Wishart

Nick is an interdisciplinary artist and musician with a focus on sound and interactivity. Over the past 25 years, his practice has revolved around writing, playing, and recording music for the theatre and the moving image. In addition to his work in music, Nick also delves into video production, coding, and embedded electronics.

Recently, Nick has been deeply engaged in research and development, to create a new wireless, MIDI-controlled instruments. Called Round Sounds these instruments use gyroscopes and accelerometers to translate human movement into sound and music. They are groundbreaking touch-activated MIDI motion controllers designed that allow anyone one to create music and sound through movement. They can be rolled, bounced, tapped and tossed by the performer. They empower anyone to effortlessly craft a diverse spectrum of intuitive compositions, sounds, and rhythmic interplay. Created with physical performers in mind, Round Sounds seamlessly connect musicians, dancers, and jugglers. What sets them apart is their unique ability to also control DMX lighting and motion graphics.

Overall, Nick’s work seamlessly merges various artistic disciplines, pushing the boundaries of sound, technology, and performance to create immersive experiences for audiences.